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This subscription service is for those who truly need and support my music. Since I started trumpet 22 years ago and the project of "Trumpet Wom (formerly known as Trumpet Grrrl)" 8 years ago, countless people have told me my music has enhanced their lives, healed them or helped them in someone. In a society where value is represented as money the words I receive don't align with the money I receive. While I am thankful for any and all support, even the verbal kind, and while the fact that my music helps others makes me feel like a success spiritually I can no longer provide new music for free. That is why I am starting this subscription service. All of my old music is available for free, this should be enough for you to make a decision whether supporting me financially matches your needs.

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Trumpet Wom'
Brooklyn, New York
Trumpet Grrrl moved to from MD to New York City in June of 2012. She has since had the honor of recording at Converse Rubber Tracks studios in Brooklyn and gigs regularly in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

She has released two self-recorded and produced albums. Trumpet Grrrl received a Bachelor's of Music in Trumpet Performance from the University of Maryland.

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